About us

Point Services

We are a dynamic it service delivery business, with headquarters in Sweden and delivery capacity covering the Nordics – and EMEA by partner extension.

We value our customers, and their customers, satisfaction with our services above all else – and drive quality services using standardized processes and the will to enable our customers success.

Customers include several global enterprises within retail, logistics, pharmaceuticals, finance, industrial production and telecom. Services delivered range from field services to managed data center services, and we custom build each delivery around our standardized and efficient service catalogue.

We have specialized in Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Networking solutions, Managed Infrastructure Services and Nordic Field Services. Outside of those areas we supply specialized services where asked, given that we can run it within existing delivery processes.

For more information on how we can assist you – Please contact us at +46 8 501 215 40 or drop us a line at info@pointservices.se !

Best regards,

Daniel Nyström
CEO, Point Services
Phone: +46 8 501 215 41
Mail: daniel.nystrom@pointservices.se


Stockholm, Sweden – Headquarters:

Point Services Sweden AB
Slakthusgatan 13, 2 tr
12162 Johanneshov

Kungsbacka, Sweden – Finance office / Invoice adress:

Point Services Sweden AB
Energigatan 17K
434 37 Kungsbacka

Hub / delivery sites,

Oslo, Norway: Løxaveien 17, 1351 Rud, Norge
Helsingfors, Finland: Hiomotie 19, 00380 Helsinki